How SMS marketing works for Real Estate

SMS marketing is an effective tool for real estate businesses to reach their target audiences quickly and efficiently. It allows agents to send messages to customers in a matter of seconds, which helps them quickly promote new listings, open houses, and other real estate related news. Few other ways:


  • Promote listings: Send SMS messages to potential buyers or renters about new or featured listings, complete with photos and property details.


  • Schedule appointments: Use SMS to schedule appointments for property viewings, open houses, or consultations with clients.


  • Keep clients updated: Send SMS messages to clients to keep them updated on the status of their real estate transaction, such as the progress of a sale or lease negotiation.


  • Send reminders: Use SMS to send reminders to clients about important deadlines, such as mortgage payments or lease renewals.


  • Offer incentives: Offer incentives, such as discounts or exclusive content, to clients who opt-in to receive SMS messages from your real estate company.


By using SMS marketing, real estate companies and agents can reach their target audience in a timely and relevant way, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions and engagement.


Open rate
50 %
Response rate
1 %
Opt-in rate
50 %

Real Estate SMS Marketing – 5 Proven Strategies for Success

Real estate businesses are using SMS marketing as an effective tool to increase sales, build customer loyalty, and grow their business. From engaging customers with personalized messages to automating follow-ups, find out how SMS marketing can help you succeed in the real estate industry.


Set Up a Professional and Easy-To-Use Text Messaging Platform

Setting up a professional and easy-to-use text messaging platform is the first step in successful real estate SMS marketing. Having a platform that allows you to segment customers and list preferences, schedule messages, review contact details, and customize different message templates will save you time and provide better customer service. Additionally, it’s important to choose a platform that ensures high deliverability rates for your messages.


Establish Effective Communication Procedures to Reach Clients Fast

Utilizing real estate SMS marketing to effectively communicate with clients allows for faster responses and better customer service. Establishing clear and organized communication procedures, such as assigning specific team members to respond back to messages after a certain amount of time and setting up automated welcome messages, will help save time and keep clients informed. Additionally, using a platform that allows you to personalize messages will make customers feel like they’re having a one-on-one conversation with you.


Use SMS Messages to Advertise New Listings and Promotions

Sending SMS messages is a great way to let potential buyers know about new listings and promotions that you have available. Be sure to include all the necessary information such as location, price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc., in your messages so that interested parties can schedule a showing or provide more detailed questions. Utilizing localized geo-targeting is also important when sending out this type of message so that you don’t end up wasting your time or resources on leads who are outside your area.


Leverage SMS to Extend Your Reach and Engage Customers

By using SMS to extend your reach and engage customers, you can better track and convert interested parties into sales. As more leads opt in to receive SMS updates, they will become more aware of what your business has to offer and be more likely to contact you when they are ready to purchase or rent a home. Leveraging the power of SMS marketing will also help you remain top of mind with potential buyers so that you don’t lose them throughout the process.


Set Up Automated Welcome Messages

After a customer opts in to receive SMS messages from your real estate business, you want to make sure that they feel welcomed and appreciated. Sending an automated welcome message is the perfect way to do this. This message should thank customers for signing up, provide them with an overview of what content they can expect and encourage them to reach out with any questions. You could even include a special discount as a reward for signing up!


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