How to send bulk SMS

how to send bulk sms

As a mobile-first society, text messaging has become an essential means of communication. Businesses are increasingly embracing SMS to create intimate connections with their customers. Simple Message Service (SMS) Bulk Messaging simplifies these connections by allowing companies to send timely and relevant messages to thousands, or even millions, of customers simultaneously and cost-effectively.

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS, often referred to as text blasts, enables businesses to communicate with customers on a large scale. This method is used for promotions, reminders, or feedback requests. With SMS open rates averaging around 94%, SMS marketing ensures your message is read and interacted with, unlike crowded email inboxes. This one-to-many approach helps save time and money while achieving impactful results.

Uses of Bulk SMS:

  • Promotions and deals
  • New product launches
  • Appointment and event reminders
  • Shipping notifications
  • Contests and feedback surveys
  • Emergency alerts and updates

Why Choose Bulk SMS?

Sending bulk SMS messages allows you to engage a vast audience at once, making it ideal for spreading the word about new product launches, company updates, or time-sensitive offers.

Benefits of Bulk SMS:

  • Immediate Engagement: Most SMS messages are read within minutes, making them perfect for urgent promotions and updates.
  • High Open Rates: SMS messages boast a 94% open rate, surpassing email marketing.
  • Cost-Effective: Reach thousands of customers without breaking your marketing budget.
  • Personalization: Despite being sent in bulk, messages can be customized for each recipient.

How to Send Your First SMS Campaign with Dripcel

Sending your first SMS campaign with Dripcel is simple and efficient. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Sign Up and Log In

  1. Sign Up: Create an account on the Dripcel website.
  2. Log In: Enter your credentials to access the dashboard.


Step 2: Create a New Campaign

  1. Navigate to Campaigns: From the main menu, select Campaigns.
  2. Choose Campaign Type: Select from Blank, Daily Lead-Gen, Marketing Boost, or Retargeting. Click Create.

Step 3: Set Up Campaign Details

  1. Basic Settings: Name your campaign and select delivery settings like country and method (e.g., Two-Way Reverse Charge).
  2. Opt-Out Settings: Configure how contacts can opt out.
  3. Financial Settings: Set income per lead and default sale value.
  4. Categories: Organize your campaigns by creating categories.

Step 4: Define Target Audience

  1. Tags to Target: Select tags for your audience.
  2. Advanced Targeting: Use advanced settings to refine your audience based on events, sources, and timeframes.

Step 5: Write Your Message

  1. Add New Copy: Write your SMS message.
  2. Generate AI Copies: Use AI to generate multiple message variations.
  3. Personalize: Include custom fields to personalize messages.

Step 6: Add Hooks and Automation

  1. Hooks: Set up actions triggered by recipient responses (e.g., sending another SMS or triggering a webhook).
  2. Automation: Schedule recurring sends, set frequency, and time of day for sending messages.

Step 7: Upload Contacts

  1. Upload CSV/Excel: Create and upload a CSV/Excel file with your contacts.
  2. Map Fields: Map the columns in your file to the corresponding fields in Dripcel.

Step 8: Launch and Monitor

  1. Preview: Review your campaign settings and messages.
  2. Launch: Click Send Campaign to start your campaign.
  3. Monitor: Use the Analytics Dashboard to track performance metrics like delivery rates and responses.

FAQs for Bulk SMS Campaigns

What is a Bulk SMS Campaign?

A Bulk SMS campaign is a coordinated effort to reach a large audience with promotional or informational messages simultaneously. It involves sending bulk text messages for marketing or transactional purposes using a bulk SMS service.

How Does an SMS Gateway Work?

An SMS gateway allows businesses to send SMS messages to a network of supported mobile carriers. Dripcel’s SMS gateway ensures seamless delivery of messages globally through direct connections with telecommunications networks.

What is the Difference Between SMS Messaging and Text Messaging?

SMS messaging refers specifically to sending messages through the Short Message Service (SMS) protocol, while text messaging is a broader term that includes multimedia messages (MMS) as well.

How Can I Personalize My Bulk SMS Messages?

Personalization can be achieved by using SMS software like Dripcel to segment your audience and address recipients by name. You can also tailor messages based on customer interests, past interactions, and purchase history.

How Do I Choose the Right Bulk SMS Service Provider?

Look for a provider with a reliable SMS API, advanced analytics, high delivery rates, and flexible pricing. Dripcel offers all these features, making it an excellent choice for your bulk messaging needs.

Bulk SMS Best Practices

Follow these tips to ensure your messages resonate with your audience:

  • Personalization: Address recipients by name or segment them based on interests.
  • Optimal Timing: Send messages when recipients are most likely to read them.
  • Clear Call-to-Action: Encourage a specific action, such as “Shop Now” or “Reply YES.”
  • Opt-Out Option: Always offer an easy way to unsubscribe.

Why Dripcel is the Best Choice for Bulk SMS

  • Analytics: Track open rates, clicks, and engagement with advanced reporting.
  • Personalization: Create tailored campaigns with customer segmentation.
  • High Delivery Rates: Reliable, high-speed message delivery across global networks.
  • Compliance: Built-in tools to ensure regulatory compliance.

Get Started with Dripcel Today

Ready to revolutionize your SMS marketing? Click here to create an account and claim 50 FREE Credits with Dripcel and start sending effective bulk SMS campaigns today!

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