Dripcel Core Features

Powered by the latest AI and machine learning technologies, Dripcel is packed with the latest SMS marketing and communication tools and features so that you can spend less time on manual admin and focus more on growth marketing.


Campaign Optimisations

Our machine learning technologies provide the tools to help you get your content delivered faster and smarter. Unlock new possibilities for optimising delivery time with our cutting-edge innovations!

Dripcel continuously optimizes your campaign, pinpointing the best send times, copy, and days for maximum leads and sales. Simply click on Apply and let Dripcel do the rest.

AI-powered SMS copy generation and optimisaton

Dripcel offers a powerful AI tool for generating personalized SMS copy based on predefined customer segments.

By analyzing data such as past purchase behavior, demographic information, and customer interactions, our AI algorithms can identify patterns and preferences among different customer segments. This information is then used to generate customized SMS messages that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of each segment.

Customisable Dashboard

Unleash the power of personalisation with our fully customisable dashboard – make it your own! Create a workspace that caters to your unique workflow and gives you access to all the data you need.
Click here to learn more about dashboards.

Reporting You've Always Wanted

Quickly and effortlessly monitor your key performance indicators with our simple yet powerful system. Make sure you’re always on top of business objectives!
Click here to learn more about reports.

Dynamic Copy Adaptation

A well-timed message can capture attention, but it’s the content that seals the deal. Dripcel’s platform goes beyond the traditional static SMS campaign setup. By employing sophisticated algorithms and A/B testing on a vast scale, it identifies the best copy that resonates with different segments of the audience. As a result, businesses can ensure that their messages aren’t just seen but also drive the desired action.

Intelligent Day Selection

The day of the week can play a pivotal role in the success of an SMS campaign. Some days might naturally witness higher engagement rates due to consumer behavior patterns. Dripcel’s system continually evaluates the performance of campaigns across different days, pinpointing those that yield maximum leads and sales. This feature ensures that brands can concentrate their efforts and resources on days that offer the best ROI.

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Explore more features

AI-powered SMS copy generation

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to create persuasive, customized text messages that will skyrocket your delivery and conversion rates! Click here to learn more.

Fully automated SMS campaigns

Run 2 different modes: manual or fully automated SMS marketing, powered by our in-house built machine learning engine.

Automated profit optimisation

Real-time machine learning helps optimise SMS marketing campaigns to maximise user engagement and achieve targeted CPL (cost per lead) or CPA (cost per acquisition / sale), which you can track in real-time.

Automated OPT-OUT management

SA opt-outs do not pay for the text, meeting the local regulation.

A/B SMS copy testing

A/B test SMS copy in real-time and let Dripcel do the rest.

SMS campaign tracking and analytics

Take your SMS marketing campaigns to the next level with our detailed tracking and analytics feature. Track CPL, EPL, CPA, hybrid commercial structure and more!

Team management

Admins can assign Members and Viewers to the account and assign different permissions to each as needed. That way, you have complete control over who can access what data. We also give you the option to distribute SMS credit through your main account, so you don't have to worry about managing multiple credit balances.

HLR Lookup

Increase your SMS marketing and communication delivery rate while reducing SMS cost with this latest automated Dripcel feature. Click here to learn more about HLR Lookup.

Unlimited recipients

Upload your contacts list manually or using APIs as often as you need and send out SMS campaigns with no limitations.

Once-off & scheduled SMS campaigns

With our automated SMS marketing solution, you can easily schedule your messages to be sent later and make sure all your campaigns are launched at the perfect time.

Secure SMS marketing

Our service is secured with SSL / HTTPS technology, providing the highest level of security for your data.

Contact list uploader & API

Import your contacts lists and get started with your SMS marketing campaigns in minutes.

Multiple attributes

Make your messages stand out from the crowd with our personalisation feature. Our custom data integration lets you add multiple unique pieces of data to each individual message, such as a name, ID number, or any other data of your choosing.

Custom contact deduplication rules

Our system automatically searches for and detects any potential duplicates in the contact data you have uploaded, so you can set up different rules to manage them as needed.

Manage contact lists and campaigns with custom tags

Our unique tag feature allows you to assign custom labels to contacts and campaigns, giving you an easier way to group and organise all of your SMS marketing effort.

Manage customer replies

Our solution makes it easy to keep track of what messages have been responded to and which ones require a response from you. Quickly search, filter, or review all replies in one place.

Integrations with 3d party CRMs

Our SMS marketing solution allows you to easily sync information between various platforms so you don't have to manually update your data.

Webhooks and custom data

With our advanced webhook integration, you can easily connect your application to third-party services and automate processes like SMS notifications, collecting data, or triggering events. Plus, add custom data points to each message, allowing you to personalise the content of each message according to customer behaviour or preferences.

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