Empower Your Brand with Dripcel's Marketing Governance and Brand Protection

Streamline Compliance, Enhance Control, Protect Your Brand Reputation

Navigating Today's Digital Marketing Challenges

Compliance and Consent Management

While you meticulously adhere to data protection laws such as POPIA, GDPR, CCPA, FTC.

Do your affiliates also uphold these standards in the automated, real-time environment while representing your brand? 

Maintaining Brand Consistency

Ensuring your brand message is current and consistent across all advertising collateral and marketing channels, both internal and external, is essential.

Do you find it challenging to ensure that all content and marketing collateral used by your affiliates are in alignment with your brand’s ethos?

Efficient Marketing Communication Across All External Channels

While you strive to optimize your marketing strategies to avoid over-communication and audience fatigue.

Are you worried about the possibility of your brand and your third-party affiliate partners delivering the same message to potential customers simultaneously?

Dripcel's Marketing Governance and Brand Protection

Our latest innovation addresses the above challenges through a comprehensive, plug-and-play solution, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Now, you can effortlessly integrate your lead providers as separate marketing channels into your Dripcel account without any coding. This allows you to directly control how and who they contact, without sharing any personally identifiable information between you and your lead providers.

Does this sound intriguing?

Real-Time Compliance and Consent Checks

Automated Verification

Before any SMS is sent using your brand name, affiliates must use your unique Dripcel’s API to verify consent, ensuring compliance with opt-in regulations.

Centralised Opt-In/Opt-Out Management

Real-time checks on customer preferences, maintaining up-to-date records of consent status to prevent unauthorized communication.

Frequency and Duplication Control

Message Frequency Management Across All Channels

Dripcel assesses the last communication sent to a contact, allowing brand owners to set rules on message frequency to avoid over-communication across all channels, including 3d party lead providers.

Duplication Prevention

Now Dripcel can offer visibility into planned third-party communications, enabling brand owners to prevent message duplication, saving costs, and enhancing customer experience.

Security and Simplicity

Data Privacy
At no point data gets exchanged between the brand owner and third-party affiliates, maintaining strict data privacy.

Straightforward Execution

Affiliates simply ping a contact’s cell number and marketing message to your unique and secure Dripcel’s API, receiving real-time approval or rejection without any data storage nor exchange.

Customizable Control

Brand owners can fine-tune approval and rejection processes, aligning them with current marketing campaigns and contact data policies.

Marketing Governance and Brand Protection

Gain Direct Control Over Your Brand's Use by Lead Providers

Compliance Assurance

Dripcel centralizes opt-in and opt-out records across all your external lead providers, ensuring 100% compliance with data protection laws.

Brand Control

Now Dripcel puts brand marketing under the direct control of the brand owner, ensuring all messages are up-to-date with real-time offerings.

Communication Efficiency

Dripcel allows brand owners to dictate communication frequency, ensuring the brand image remains intact across all third-party communications.