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Boost Engagement and Sales with Bulk SMS Marketing

Powered by the latest AI and machine learning technologies, Dripcel is packed with the latest bulk SMS marketing and communication tools and features so that you can spend less time on manual admin and focus more on growth marketing.

Automatic Campaign Optimization

Dynamic Copy Adaptation

Automatically tailor SMS messages to customer segments for improved engagement.

Reach customers at the perfect time with automated delivery optimization.

Smart Delivery Timing

Reachability Optimization

Store delivery data to only target reachable contacts, ensuring that your SMS campaigns deliver messages to the right audience.

"Engagement rates increased"



Bulk SMS marketing is the practice of sending promotional or transactional SMS messages to a large audience simultaneously. It’s a powerful tool for reaching customers with personalized messages and updates.

Create a free Dripcel account and pay only for the SMS credits you use. No credit card is required!

Yes, you can delete your account any time at no extra costs.

Data security is our #1 priority.

We would be delighted to provide you with further insights on our data security practices within the organization. Our team is readily available to address any concerns you may have. We invite you to schedule a conversation with one of our experts who will be pleased to provide you with a detailed understanding of our robust data security protocols.

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Absolutely! One of our product specialists will help you get everything set up at no extra cost. Our development team can further assist with the intricate API setups and lead posting automation.  

Yes, please visit our API Docs for more details.

Yes, please visit our YouTube channel for video tutorials and Dripcel Docs for step-by-step guides.

Dripcel’s automated campaign optimization uses machine learning and AI to analyze campaign performance, optimize delivery timing, and tailor SMS messages to specific audience segments for maximum engagement.

Yes! Dripcel allows you to personalize bulk SMS messages using customer data, delivering tailored marketing SMS content to increase customer engagement.

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