Driving Sales in the Medical Insurance Sector

ReturnX Digital's Success with Dripcel

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Dripcel’s proprietary machine learning engine enhances your SMS marketing efforts by automating and continuously refining your campaigns. It identifies optimal send times, messaging, and days to maximize lead generation and sales, while minimizing costs. This crucial feature sets Dripcel apart from everyone else in the industry.


ReturnX Digital, a leading digital marketing company based in South Africa, aimed to revolutionize the insurance sector by leveraging innovative marketing strategies. Partnering with Dripcel, a cutting-edge marketing automation platform, ReturnX Digital embarked on a mission to promote medical insurance products through targeted SMS campaigns. 

The objective was to increase policy subscriptions, enhance brand visibility, and drive revenue growth for their client, a prominent medical insurance provider.

Client Profile

ReturnX Digital’s client, a reputable medical insurance company, sought to expand its customer base and strengthen its market presence amidst fierce competition. They enlisted ReturnX Digital’s expertise to devise a compelling SMS marketing campaign that resonated with their target audience and facilitated greater uptake of their insurance offerings.

Campaign Execution

sms marketing campaign

ReturnX Digital collaborated closely with Dripcel to develop and implement a comprehensive SMS marketing campaign tailored specifically for the medical insurance sector. The campaign strategy involved meticulous segmentation of the target audience, creation of persuasive messaging emphasizing the importance of medical insurance, and rigorous analysis of campaign performance to optimize outcomes.

Key Metrics

Total SMS Sent


Total Opt-ins


Opt-in Ratio

Ranged from 0.13% to 0.14%

Total Sales Generated


Lead to Sale Conversion Rate


Performance Analysis

Monthly Sales

The campaign demonstrated consistent growth in sales throughout the duration, with certain months witnessing particularly strong performance. July emerged as the standout month, recording 173 sales, indicating the campaign’s effectiveness in stimulating consumer interest and driving conversions.

Opt-in Ratio

Despite a modest opt-in ratio ranging from 0.13% to 0.14%, the campaign succeeded in converting a significant proportion of opt-ins into actual sales. This suggests that the messaging and incentives offered resonated well with the target audience, prompting them to take action and subscribe to the medical insurance plans.


Lead to Sale Conversion

The lead to sale conversion rate, ranging from 14% to 20%, underscored the campaign’s ability to effectively convert leads into paying customers. This metric highlights the relevance and persuasiveness of the SMS content in convincing recipients to purchase medical insurance policies.


Impact and Success

Increased Policy Subscriptions

ReturnX Digital’s campaign significantly boosted the number of policy subscriptions for their client, thereby expanding their customer base and market share within the medical insurance industry. The targeted approach and compelling messaging played a pivotal role in driving consumer interest and encouraging sign-ups.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

The SMS campaign helped to raise awareness about the client’s medical insurance offerings, increasing brand visibility and positioning the company as a trusted provider in the industry. By effectively communicating the benefits and value proposition of their insurance products, the campaign contributed to strengthening the client’s brand presence.

Optimization of Marketing Spend

Despite sending out a large volume of SMS messages, the campaign proved to be cost-effective, delivering a favorable return on investment (ROI) for ReturnX Digital and their client. The high conversion rates and increased policy subscriptions justified the marketing expenditure, highlighting the efficiency and effectiveness of the Dripcel platform.


ReturnX Digital’s collaboration with Dripcel for the medical insurance SMS campaign yielded remarkable results, driving significant growth in policy subscriptions and enhancing brand visibility for their client. 

Through strategic segmentation, persuasive messaging, and rigorous performance analysis, ReturnX Digital successfully leveraged SMS as a powerful marketing tool to achieve tangible business outcomes in the competitive insurance market. 

The campaign’s consistent performance and positive impact underscored the value of innovative marketing solutions in driving revenue growth and market success for businesses operating in highly competitive industries like medical insurance.